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“I have a clue”

by the Indre-et-Loire Departmental Federation of Hunters
Nature abounds with treasures. Some of them remain invisible to most of us, but are discovered as soon as we investigate. Deer spoor here, that of a wild boar over there, one thing’s for sure: they’re not very far away! There are several of these clues, each one tells a story... that of the animals of Candé, waiting to be discovered by those ready to delve into this world.

Rates : free
Reservations required
Tel :  +33 (0)7 49 82 23 37
Email: animationfdc37@chasseurdefrance.com

Family outing
Places are limited to 15 people.
Meeting point at the Château de Candé parking lot at 10am
Plan to bring along some equipment: Hiking shoes and suitable clothing.