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Domaine de Candé

Educational Workshops and Tours

Visit the Domaine de Candé with your students!
The Domaine de Candé offers a wide range of educational activities for teaching cycles 1 to 4.


Free Castle visit

  • Accompanied by a visit booklet per child
  • Kindergarten and high school students from Indre-et-Loire free, primary and high school students €1.50
  • Subject to a sufficient number of accompanying persons

Guided tours

Guided tour
Cycle 2 to High School - €1.50 per student

Objective: Come and discover the history of the Château de Candé, a self-sufficient property in the 19th century and a Château at the cutting edge of modernity in 1930.
Procedure: Visit with a stroll in the Castle, accompanied by a guide. Duration: 1hr

Timeline Challenge Tour
Cycle 2 to 4 (CE2 to 5th) - €4.00 per student

Objective: When was the telephone, electricity, soap, etc. invented? The children set off to discover the Castle and the inventions of everyday life.
Procedure: After a tour of the Castle, the children will have fun placing the “inventions” cards on a timeline. Duration: 1.5hrs

Themed visit: "1937, The Windsor Wedding"
Cycle 3 (6th) and 4 – €4 per student 

Objective: Owned by a Franco-American couple in the 20th century, the Domaine de Candé hosted the famous wedding of the Duke of Windsor in 1937.
Procedure: Through a guided tour, students will discover this event that marked the history of the Castle. Duration: 1hr

Storytelling Visit: “Tales at the Estate”.
Cycle 1 and 2 (CP, CE1) - €2.50 per student

Objective: In the intimate Castle setting, younger students are told the story of the Little Blue Spider, the older ones hear Drake the Dragon.
Procedure: Guided tour for groups of 15 children maximum. Duration: from 45 min to 1hr

Sensory visit, Candé in music
Cycle 1 – €4 per student

Objective: Playful discovery of the musical instruments present in the Castle: mechanical piano, organ classified as a historical monument, etc.
Procedure: Visit with a stroll in the Castle. Duration: 30 to 45 minutes



Know how to plant!

Objective : Discovery of the Estate's vegetable garden where the little ones can explore the world of fruits and vegetables at their own pace. From seed to harvest, older children will learn about the growth of plants and better understand the origin of what they eat.
Procedure: After a sensory visit of the vegetable garden, the little gardeners are introduced to gardening and plant and repot plants to take home.

The little beasts of the garden

Objective : Discovery of the thousand-and-one small animals of our gardens. Observation and exploration of the Estate's vegetable garden will allow children, from three years old, to learn more about their environment and the small animals that inhabit it. The older children will be able to take a step further by discovering biodiversity, or how this whole little world interacts.
Procedure: Visit the vegetable garden in search of wildlife, then make bug hotels for the children to take home or to school.


Objective: Discover nature in a different way through art in order to let creativity express itself and encourage teamwork.
Procedure: After a presentation of Land' Art and its principles, the children will set off gathering on the Estate to create their own ephemeral, nature-based work.



Treasure Hunt Game
Study cycle 1 to 3

Objective: Through riddles and drawings, children discover the Esplanade and its surroundings by using their sense of observation.
Procedure: Follow the directions on a booklet and answer the questionnaire. Each step allows you to have fun while enjoying the Estate's surroundings.
Rate: €2 per booklet (free entrance to the grounds)
Route to be followed under the supervision of the guides.


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Museum entrance fee:
€1.50 per student (free for students from Indre-et-Loire and students under 7 years old).

€4 per student (entrance fee included).

Demonstrations, tales and musical workshops :
€2.50 per student (entrance fee included)