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Visits to the Castle

Free visit

For those who like conducting their visit at their own pace.

Discover the history of the Castle at your own pace. A visit brochure is available for free and room cards are available inside the monument.

Brochures available in English, French and large print Room cards available in English, French and German.

Historical presentation

For those who want to cut to the chase.

This historical introduction given by a guide presents the main dates marking the history of the Estate, the various owners as well as the main elements of the interior design. Duration: 20 mins.

Daily presentation, information at Reception.
Presentation only available in French.

Guided Tour

For those who want to venture further.

Discover the unusual history of the Castle and its incredible furnishings, accompanied by a guide. The Estate’s construction and development over the centuries: its owners, interior design, and the Estate history will no longer be an enigma. Duration: 1hr10mins

Schedules according to the season, information at Reception.
Guided tour only available in French.
Minimum of 6 participants.

Themed tours 

For the curious who always want to know more.

Once a month, discover a more specific theme covering the history of the Domaine de Candé. Accompanied by a guide, explore these historical periods through unique new elements. Duration: 1.5hrs

  • The Windsor Wedding: June 1937: the world has its eyes on Candé... Immerse yourself in the history of this intimate wedding!
  • Candé in the 19th century, the Drake del Castillo Family: Discover the modernity and ingenuity deployed in the 19th century by the Drake del Castillo Family in making the Domaine de Candé a self-sufficient property.
  • The Landlord's Tour: A walk to discover the various buildings that line the Estate grounds, and their purpose.
  • Charles Bedaux, an exceptional owner: Charles Bedaux, the Domaine de Candé’s last owner, a daring and charming businessman, experienced an incredible social rise, leading a life of adventure and travel.

Date and time:see the Calendar.
Only available in French.
Reservations essential.

Minimum of 6 participants.

Children's route

For those who like to learn while having fun.

Game stations are located along the tour route, allowing young and old alike to discover the history of the Castle in a unique way.

Accessible without extra charge.