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The Large Horse - WAJ

"I made a monumental horse (inspired by the project of a gigantic horse statue, which Leonardo da Vinci had received from the Duke of Sforza, and which he never had the opportunity to finish).  The Large Horse was the first opportunity I got to sculpt this animal. The preliminary work was to study the morphology of horses. This sculpture was created from Leonardo da Vinci's sketches and my own drawings. I wanted the sculpture to stand out from the horizon like a “three-dimensional” drawing. In order to preserve the idea of the excessiveness of the work, the “Large Horse” sculpture rises five meters. It is made of welded steel wire. It combines the idea of “architecture” and “machinery” through certain articulated parts (the head, front leg, tail, ears, mouth, etc.). I restored the muscles, tendons and anatomy outlines of the horse through this metal mesh, and tried to create a structure to harmoniously support this gigantic animal. I rarely work with iron and welding, but the material came naturally to me in relation to the size of the work.