Genius loci



In 1864, Santiago Drake del Castillo had huge kitchens installed in the basement of the castle. They occupied about 200 sqm and were spread over two floors. Charles Bedaux updated them in 1929, keeping their layout. The former entrance for staff members and suppliers serves a large vaulted cellar, containing an area used for storing fruits and vegetables and a pantry. Then comes the bakery and lifts, used to transport food to the second basement.

The range cooker, a cast iron stove nearly 5 metres long, is the kitchen’s centrepiece. It is a wood-burning stove. The hearth still has its wrought iron spit used to roast pieces of meat and poultry. The dishwashing room contains several large earthenware sinks. The dumbwaiter is still in place, next to a table of plate warmers, which were both run by electricity. Finally, the safe, reserved for silverware, reveals a complex mechanism with its multi-bolt lock.