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hydroHydraulic system

It was in 1864 that engineer C. Arbrisard designed the estate’s hydraulic system to feed three reservoirs. The first one was used for the castle and the vegetable garden. The second one fed the reflecting pool of the park, from which two waterfalls flowed, as well as a steam forge. The third reservoir was used for the farm.

Santiago Drake del Castillo was one of those people who had the chance to experiment with innovative farming methods related to technological discoveries. In his project to modernise the estate, the chatelain of Candé planned to implement new irrigation, drainage and fertilization methods.

From then on, in the park and the forest of Candé, the banks of the Saint Laurent were transformed and a hydraulic network was built to increase the yield of the land along with the comfort of everyday life: in the place called “La fontaine des houx” (the fountain of holly), a dam directed water from the Saint Laurent downstream to operate a hydraulic ram machine at Moulin Couché. Fed by two springs located to the north east of the estate, it supplied water to the new castle via pipelines. Not far from the pumping station, a wash house was built at the edge of the stream.