The funhouse mirror

The funhouse mirror
The funhouse mirror
Calling everyone young and old whether you’re 6 or 99: come and explore a unique play area in a prime location near the water mirror around the old fisherman’s house! Contemporary fun-filled designs inspired by the equipment in the château’s sports hall await!

A unique ride: one person pedals and powers the mechanical horse whilst the other goes from stepping and trotting to galloping depending on how quickly their friend is pedalling.
Massage suits: Relax in these suits that look like instruments of torture but will actually do wonders for your calves and back!
Huts on stilts: let your kids unleash their inner-adventurer in these huts!
Feeling brave? A huge sculpture called “the dragon’s breath” is just begging to be clambered up. Pump the dragon’s tongue then press the buttons behind its head to hear it sing, if you dare…

This family-friendly playground has a picnic area near the lake.
Some attractions are for children aged over 6 and some are for over 12s.